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About Mad Hatter Markets

Mad Hatter Markets is a Global Web3 Enabled Recommence Platform. Buy and sell using crypto currency and your favorite alt coins. 


Mad Hatter Society’s Market curates sales of high end luxury goods, real estate, rare collectibles, and much more. Our concierge service maintains buyer and seller anonymity throughout the process. Our Web3 infused platform allows buyers and sellers to use over 1,000 crypto currencies through the DiVinciPay checkout. 


Our concierge facilitates the entire process starting with the verifying the authenticity of the product, the sale, securing escrow, paying deal related expenses, transfer of funds, and shipping. 


Buyers have the option of purchasing an authenticity report that covers provenance, condition, and other details that will be delivered as an NFT to accompany the item. 


Fees: 7.5 % seller and 7.5% buyer premium. 


Only high end goods accepted starting at $2,500 minimum value.


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